Bananas: Literary Magazine 1975-1980

The Moufflon Bookshop is moving into new premises – on Saturday while they were emptying the shelves I managed to pick out few archaic looking journals which I think many of you would be interested to know about – BANANAS.

BANANAS was a short-lived British literary magazine which ran for 25 issues from 1975 until 1980. Not a magazine about a fruit; it’s typical readers would have been liberal and cosmopolitan housewives. It’s editor was the novelist Emma Tennant and according to Wikipedia she chose to name the magazine after the movie Bananas, by Woody Allen. The design of the magazine was created by Julian Rothenstein and it appeared in two-color tabloid newspaper format. Later issues were produced in a smaller A4 size. The magazine featured writings and interviews by many famous people such as Andy Warhol, Charles Bukowski and etc.

What I like the most about this journal is the Constructivist approach to the design of it’s covers which you can appreciate better in large sizes on my flickr and don’t miss the rebus version of Mein Kampf from BANANAS No. 4.

3 December 2012