News of the Week

On Monday (9.10.2012) while still in bed I was woken by the sounds of postman’s hoary motorbike who had delivered a notice of arrival. Suspecting that he had left a pack of bills it wasn’t my plan to start the day by checking the letter box early in the morning, because to me; seeing bills isn’t that exciting at all. Despite my dubious assumptions twenty minutes later I was at the post office receiving a package — at last, for almost more than a month of anxiously waiting something historic had arrived.

How does an American born historian living in Holland write a book about an ancient nation’s 500 year old ritual? In my mind there are myriad of questions waiting to be answered and perhaps someday I will get answers to them. One thing however is certain;  John A. Lane’s The Diaspora of Armenian Printing 1512-2012 has exceeded my every expectation and the wait was worth it. At the moment I’m only about halfway through the book and a proper review will follow sometime soon, meanwhile you may want to look at these pictures.

On Wednesday while browsing random Typophile posts I ended up at Armenian Weekly’s website from where you can download the special PDF issue dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Armenian printing. This week Codex, the journal of typography began accepting pre-orders for it’s second and third issues. Issue number 2 will ship in mid November according to the website. I’ve also noticed that ICTVC’s website has been updated, so check it out — www.ictvc.org.

13 October 2012